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How to create a Legacy Video of your family member.

In the fast-paced world we live in, it's easy to lose sight of the rich tapestry of our family history. Within the stories of our parents and grandparents lie invaluable lessons, cherished memories, and profound insights into our own identities. To truly connect with our roots on an emotional level, there's no better way than to film a family legacy video for your family member.

What is a family legacy video?
A family legacy video is a documentary style video memoir or biography. It's a heartfelt homage to the lives of our loved ones, capturing their essence, wisdom, and experiences in a visually compelling format. This medium allows us to preserve their legacy for future generations, ensuring that their stories live on long after they're gone.
Family memorabilia
Before diving into the filming, it's essential to gather materials and information about your parent or grandparent. This could include old photographs, letters, and memorabilia of significant milestones in their life. Additionally, take the time to understand their personality and preferences to choose the right approach for the biography.
Where to film
Choosing the right location is crucial for creating a comfortable and intimate atmosphere during filming. Whether it's their favorite room in the house or a scenic outdoor spot, ensure that the setting reflects their personality and allows them to relax and open up during the interview.
Finding those special stories
Interviewing techniques play a vital role in extracting heartfelt stories and memories from your family member. Encourage them to share anecdotes, lessons learned, hardships and achievements. Remember, the goal is not just to recount facts but to capture the essence of who they are and what they've experienced.
While you don't need professional filmmaking equipment to create an engaging legacy video, choosing the right tools can enhance the quality of your footage. Try to use a good quality mobile camera that shoots at least 1080p resolution.  It's important that you have clear audio that doesn't pick up loud noises like the room fan or someone mowing their lawn outside. If you can, invest in a lavalier microphone. You can pick one up from JB Hi Fi for under $100 (here is one I recommend that you connect to your mobile).
Once you've finished filming, the editing process is where the magic happens. Using a video editing software, start by cutting out any unnecessary footage from the interview. Now organise these clips in an order that makes sense or aligns with the story you're creating. Once you're happy with the order of the interview, start adding old photographs video clips and images of documents to supplement what they're saying. Now you can add the final touches like music to enhance the emotional impact of the video.
Preserving for Generations
After completing your legacy video, it's important to choose the right digital storage options to ensure its longevity. Consider uploading it to cloud storage platforms and create physical copies on USB drives. Share the video with your family members to ensure that the legacy of your family member is cherished for generations to come.
Legacy video b-roll
Legacy video b-roll
Legacy video b-roll family photos
Legacy video b-roll family photos

What if my parent or grandparent is camera shy?
Create a comfortable environment and reassure them that their authenticity is what makes the biography special. Encourage them to focus on sharing stories and memories rather than worrying about the camera. It's just a conversation with you and them.
Should I include old photographs and videos in the biography?
Absolutely! Incorporating old photographs and videos adds depth and context to the biography, allowing viewers to visually connect with the stories being shared.
What if I don't have professional filming equipment?
While professional equipment can enhance the quality of your footage, it's not necessary to create a compelling video biography. Use whatever equipment you have available and focus on capturing authentic moments and stories.
Is there a free editing software that I can use?
There are a number of free editing software's that you could download and use. One I would recommend is DaVinci Resolve and Kdenlive
How can I make the biography engaging for future generations?
Think beyond just documenting facts and dates. Focus on capturing the emotions, experiences, and life lessons shared by your parent or grandparent. Use storytelling techniques and creative editing to make the biography engaging and memorable for future generations.

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